Environmental politics Camping La Ballena Alegre

CAMPING CAR, S.A. with its Camping La Ballena Alegre Costa Brava and represented by the managers Mr.. Antoni Castells Donadeu and Mr.. José Alberto Gainza Blanco, as directors of the center joint, states the following concerning her environmental politic, to be used in all installations and operations on this campsite, containing the objects, priorities and the basic principles of the company regarding the environment.

We committed to developing our business with the utmost respect and protect the environment if it is within our reach, in technique, practices and environmental actions.

We acknowledge our responsibility towards the environment and emphasize this acknowledgement by reaching the following goals:

  • Reaching and always trying to rise above the standards and norms which have been stated in the environmental policy.
  • Promoting prevention in all environmental vectors may be affected by the activity of camping and achieve utmost respect and protect the environment.
  • Take steps to reduce energy and water consumption.
  • Promote waste minimization and recovery of waste generated in the camp management to achieve more optimal and correct possible.
  • Properly manage the wastewater discharged, for the impact the media is compatible.
  • Protect the natural environment of camping, and landscaping for the integration of all elements.
  • Involve all stakeholders in the work related to improvements to the environment:
    • Information and awareness of good environmental practices for workers.
    • Information for clients of the environmental situation of the campsite and advice on good environmental practices to make.
    • Information providers acquired environmental commitment and demands that they behave.
  • Manage customer communication (both personal and impersonal) as an instrument of education and promotion of respect for the environment.
  • Annual review of the emergency plan in place and training and dissemination of the workers.
  • Develop a calendar of environmental activities
  • Develop an annual public environmental statement of the proceedings and environmental progress achieved.

Environmental statement