European Solar Prize winner 2020



German Solar Prize 2020 – Changemakers of the new decade

Camping Bungalow Resort & Spa La Ballena Alegre is more than proud to announce the new award granted for being a company that is committed  for change, innovation and for renewable energy.

We have been awarded with the EUROPEAN SOLAR PRIZE 2020, one of the most prestigious awards in the field of renewable energy actually.

Alternative Nobel Prize winner Dr. Hermann Scheer (†) created the European and German “SOLAR PRIZE AWARDS” to honor outstanding projects in renewable energy.

EUROSOLAR established the European Solar Prize in 1994 to shed light on pioneers of renewable energy across Europe. After more than 25 years, the ESP has been awarded to more than 250 local and international agents from all sectors of society. The award recognizes towns and municipalities, communities, associations or organizations, architects, journalists and dedicated individuals. The SOLAR Awards connect people who are paving the way to a renewable future with their innovation, commitment and hands-on work to make the energy transition a reality.


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