Responsible Holidays

23 Feb


The report on Responsible Holidays shows the commitment our campsite has made in becoming a benchmark for sustainability and for the energy self-sufficiency of our facilities, achieved with the support and awareness of all customers and visitors.

It’s an effort that has been rewarded with the prestigious European Solar Prize 2020, nominating us “the Champions of Renewable Energy”, thanks to the eDevesa eco-friendly bungalows project which uses solar energy.

At La Ballena Alegre campsite, we are confronting the future by taking care of the global environment and we have set ourselves the objective of continuing to find sustainable solutions to help reduce CO2 emissions.

In the Vacaciones Responsables report, we are taken on a tour of the campsite by Franc Comino, founding partner of Wattia y Webatt Energía, interviewed by Francesc Buxeda i Aliu, head of communication at the campsite, in which it is explained, for example, that the emission of 100 tons of CO2 per year has been reduced by supplying some 1,000m2 of multipurpose spaces with renewable energies.

Geothermal Energy

In addition, we have 14 geothermal wells that allow water to be heated and cooled, as well as providing air-conditioning in various areas around the campsite for both customers and operatives, such as in the restaurants. Its profitability is four times that of gas boilers and twice that of air conditioners.

Solar Energy 

We also have bungalows and bathrooms – hot water – that run on photovoltaic energy, several free fast-charging points and it is planned to install 250 solar panels on the roof of the central area.

The eDevesa and Tamariu Bungalows

The eDevesa bungalows have been created specifically to operate with renewable energies, reaching 85% of self-sustainability by combining a hybrid of photovoltaic energy with a battery and a heat pump system in which all the needs of customers are taken into account. Each bungalow has its own battery that stores the energy collected during the day.

The Tamariu bungalows, on the other hand, have been adapted to take advantage of the experience of the eDevesa bungalows in reducing energy expenditure and making them sustainable.

Wind and Water

One of the objectives we have set ourselves is to take advantage of the natural resources provided by the geographical area in which we are located. We are looking at various systems, such as high performance and efficiency reverse osmosis water purifiers, twenty times more efficient than desalinators.

Inside Model

This is our European model of reference, which promotes the energy, environmental, economic and social benefits of locality. And, in this regard, we prioritize Zero km products to promote local trade and the circular economy.

One interesting fact is that even the bathroom sinks and toilet paper are manufactured by certified local companies with a zero carbon footprint, which is why they offer us high quality products.

Help us to make it possible!

This is a just a sample of the efforts we make at the campsite to respect the planet and, in this regard, we need the maximum support from our customers and visitors in order to raise awareness of the fact that this is a task that belongs to everyone. Because it is only by working together that we can really enjoy a Responsible Holiday.

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Awards 2021

18 Feb

Camping Bungalow Resort & Spa La Ballena Alegre obtains, once again, the ADAC SUPERPLATZ 2021 and ANWB TOP CAMPING 2021 awards

Camping Bungalow Resort & Spa La Ballena Alegre has been awarded one more time with the international certificates ADAC Superplatz and ANWB Top Camping, which recognize the best campsites in Europe.

The association of the German Automobile Club ADAC grants this recognition every year based on the qualifications of the inspectors and clients who perform at the facilities of each campsite.

Like them, the Dutch ANWB Automobile Club, with 4.5 million members, has once again recognized La Ballena Alegre as one of the best campsites in Europe.

We are proud to revalidate these certificates due our desire is always to improve each year and offer the best experience and services to our clients, who are our family.


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