Camping La Ballena Alegre Costa Brava defines ecotourism as:

  • The set of tourism activities in which the focus is on sustainability and environmental appraisal, both natural and cultural, that welcomes tourists.
  • Responsible tourism that is committed to minimizing environmental impact itself, to sponsor and promote environmental projects, and what it stands for environmental conservation.
  • The enjoyment of the traditions, food and culture tourism environment: promote and enhance social and economic development of our local community, working with producers and traders in the area.

Camping La Ballena Alegre aims to promote environmental care and environmental and cultural awareness in clients. That desire is generated by the current importance of minimizing any negative impact on our business environment and customers can generate.
With this desire, we want to sensitize our users with good environmental practices for the benefit of all, strengthening participation and providing positive experiences for both visitors and hosts.

Actions in the Environment

  • Toilet blocks with water saving showerheads.
  • Drip irrigation system.
  • Annual wastewater system cleaning.
  • Reuse of wastewater for crop irrigation on the neighbor fields.
  • Placement of information panels to raise awareness among campers on saving water.