New sport event : Hunting Dogs

11 Mar
nuevo evento deportivo

Hello everyone !!

We hope all of you are in good health and looking forward to the summer season.

We really want to open our doors and see the well-known faces of our customers and welcome the new ones to visit us.

This year we will continue with all the cleaning protocols, distances and mask as in the previous summer but now with more knowledge of the facts and knowing that we are all going to respect the rules and capacity as much as possible.

We are working hard to  E N J O Y this summer with family,  friends and doing what makes us happy.

For this reason, for bicycle lovers, we have created the Hunting Dogs – Gravel Costa Brava event. A new sport event in Camping Bungalow Resort & Spa La Ballena Alegre.

Gravel is a type of cycling that is practiced starting from the base of a road bike but with some modifications in the geometry of the frame and a larger size of its tires.

Our intention is to share the essence of how we understand this type of cycling (GRAVEL), which is not only sport but also companionship, adventure, freedom and good vibes.

The natural habitat of gravel bikes are tracks, forest roads and highways away from traffic. It is also characterized by its agile pace on low-technical trails and roads.

In this way, we have created an event where you will enjoy with your friends a series of wonderful tours and spectacular landscapes, all combining refreshment stops and culinary tastings.

You can not lose this!

More information and reservations: /events/hunting-dogs/

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Responsible Holidays

23 Feb


The report on Responsible Holidays shows the commitment our campsite has made in becoming a benchmark for sustainability and for the energy self-sufficiency of our facilities, achieved with the support and awareness of all customers and visitors.

It’s an effort that has been rewarded with the prestigious European Solar Prize 2020, nominating us “the Champions of Renewable Energy”, thanks to the eDevesa eco-friendly bungalows project which uses solar energy.

At La Ballena Alegre campsite, we are confronting the future by taking care of the global environment and we have set ourselves the objective of continuing to find sustainable solutions to help reduce CO2 emissions.

In the Vacaciones Responsables report, we are taken on a tour of the campsite by Franc Comino, founding partner of Wattia y Webatt Energía, interviewed by Francesc Buxeda i Aliu, head of communication at the campsite, in which it is explained, for example, that the emission of 100 tons of CO2 per year has been reduced by supplying some 1,000m2 of multipurpose spaces with renewable energies.

Geothermal Energy

In addition, we have 14 geothermal wells that allow water to be heated and cooled, as well as providing air-conditioning in various areas around the campsite for both customers and operatives, such as in the restaurants. Its profitability is four times that of gas boilers and twice that of air conditioners.

Solar Energy 

We also have bungalows and bathrooms – hot water – that run on photovoltaic energy, several free fast-charging points and it is planned to install 250 solar panels on the roof of the central area.

The eDevesa and Tamariu Bungalows

The eDevesa bungalows have been created specifically to operate with renewable energies, reaching 85% of self-sustainability by combining a hybrid of photovoltaic energy with a battery and a heat pump system in which all the needs of customers are taken into account. Each bungalow has its own battery that stores the energy collected during the day.

The Tamariu bungalows, on the other hand, have been adapted to take advantage of the experience of the eDevesa bungalows in reducing energy expenditure and making them sustainable.

Wind and Water

One of the objectives we have set ourselves is to take advantage of the natural resources provided by the geographical area in which we are located. We are looking at various systems, such as high performance and efficiency reverse osmosis water purifiers, twenty times more efficient than desalinators.

Inside Model

This is our European model of reference, which promotes the energy, environmental, economic and social benefits of locality. And, in this regard, we prioritize Zero km products to promote local trade and the circular economy.

One interesting fact is that even the bathroom sinks and toilet paper are manufactured by certified local companies with a zero carbon footprint, which is why they offer us high quality products.

Help us to make it possible!

This is a just a sample of the efforts we make at the campsite to respect the planet and, in this regard, we need the maximum support from our customers and visitors in order to raise awareness of the fact that this is a task that belongs to everyone. Because it is only by working together that we can really enjoy a Responsible Holiday.

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Awards 2021

18 Feb

Camping Bungalow Resort & Spa La Ballena Alegre obtains, once again, the ADAC SUPERPLATZ 2021 and ANWB TOP CAMPING 2021 awards

Camping Bungalow Resort & Spa La Ballena Alegre has been awarded one more time with the international certificates ADAC Superplatz and ANWB Top Camping, which recognize the best campsites in Europe.

The association of the German Automobile Club ADAC grants this recognition every year based on the qualifications of the inspectors and clients who perform at the facilities of each campsite.

Like them, the Dutch ANWB Automobile Club, with 4.5 million members, has once again recognized La Ballena Alegre as one of the best campsites in Europe.

We are proud to revalidate these certificates due our desire is always to improve each year and offer the best experience and services to our clients, who are our family.


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Merry Christmas 2020

21 Dec

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European Solar Prize winner 2020

17 Nov
Euro Solar Prize



German Solar Prize 2020 – Changemakers of the new decade

Camping Bungalow Resort & Spa La Ballena Alegre is more than proud to announce the new award granted for being a company that is committed  for change, innovation and for renewable energy.

We have been awarded with the EUROPEAN SOLAR PRIZE 2020, one of the most prestigious awards in the field of renewable energy actually.

Alternative Nobel Prize winner Dr. Hermann Scheer (†) created the European and German “SOLAR PRIZE AWARDS” to honor outstanding projects in renewable energy.

EUROSOLAR established the European Solar Prize in 1994 to shed light on pioneers of renewable energy across Europe. After more than 25 years, the ESP has been awarded to more than 250 local and international agents from all sectors of society. The award recognizes towns and municipalities, communities, associations or organizations, architects, journalists and dedicated individuals. The SOLAR Awards connect people who are paving the way to a renewable future with their innovation, commitment and hands-on work to make the energy transition a reality.



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Puzzle “Ballenita”

11 Nov
puzzle ballenita


Summer is over but we miss you. So we bring you a surprise. The online puzzle of our mascot  !!

Do you think you are ready to solve this online puzzle of our most summery “Ballenita”?

Have fun solving this entertaining game. Challenge your family to solve it in a record time and be the fastest in your house.

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Restaurants for all tastes

27 Sep

La Ballena Alegre campsite has a wide culinary offer

From our Camping Bungalow Resort & Spa La Ballena Alegre on the Costa Brava we have worked hard so that you continue to enjoy all our restaurants in this odd summer of 2020.

Thanks to the recent prevention measures, we offer a dream holiday all the necessary hygiene and safety measures recently imposed as a result of COVID-19. And, as well, with the possibility of enjoying our wide culinary offer! As, let’s be honest … what would a vacation be without enjoying the food we like the most?

«OASIS» is our rice specialty restaurant. Located on the beach with wonderful views of the sea, it is the perfect option to eat an excellent rice with lobster, with vegetables, soup, fish dishes, seafood from the very Costa Brava, … and much more. In short, a wonderful show for the palate!

If, on the other hand, you want to enjoy a wonderful sunset with an Italian touch, our trattoria-pizzeria «El Xiringuito» is perfect for you; fresh pasta, pizzas with a Mediterranean touch … mmm! just thinking about it makes our mouths water.

As exceptional measures in our restaurants, prior reservation at OASIS and XIRINGUITO will be essential in order to respect the maximum capacity allowed and thus be able to maintain the safety distance. You can as well make your table reservation online. (Check opening / closing hours according to season).

If you find yourself undecided, our SELF-SERVICE restaurant is ideal to satisfy your hunger as you will find a wide variety of Mediterranean cuisine dishes that, we are sure, will make you happy. Ah! And we also offer special dishes for coeliacs, at La Ballena Alegre we think of everything and everyone!

For safety reasons as a result of COVID-19, this summer 2020 the self service Buffet has become an à la carte menu – all the menus in our restaurants will be accessible via QR codes – and the containers will be single-use.

Exceptional services in restaurants

And what happens if our customers want to take their food elsewhere? No problem! In our campsite we have a TAKE AWAY service. Located on the same terrace as the pool and at the beach bar, we invite you to use our “AST & PIZZAS TAKE AWAY” and enjoy your roasted chicken, sandwiches, pizza, chips and a long etcetera to take wherever you want. As a preventive measure, we have introduced the possibility of ordering from the different menus online and collect them at a certain time with a prior reservation.

There is no doubt that the best thing about mealtime is always… THE DESSERT! For those with a sweet tooth, those who do not spare a sweet and much less when they are on vacation,… you are the lucky ones! Our campsite has a creperie, ice cream and yogurt stations! Enjoy a wonderful crêpe -sweet or salty-, a refreshing ice cream or an organic yogurt of our own production, and don’t forget to add your favorite topping!

restaurants ballena alegre

But the thing does not end there. To bring down dinner and dessert, a good cocktail in a relaxed atmosphere is always the best option! Our Bar OASIS and Bar EL XIRINGUITO are ideal to enjoy with the family in a relaxed atmosphere and with views of the Costa Brava; piña colada, mojito, caipirinha … and enjoy! And if you prefer to check the animation shows and live music, do not hesitate to visit our TERRACE POOL Bar to enjoy what our entertainment staff has prepared for you.

If you fancy more a good glass of cava in the light of the stars to end the day, our chill-out «OXIGEN» is ideal and you can enjoy it until 1:00 am. And if you are one of those who want to extend summer nights until dawn, our Pub “LA BARCA” is perfect for you. (Check opening / closing hours according to season).

Same quality as always and more safety

From La Ballena Alegre we have managed to maintain our culinary offer practically at the same level, and that has been possible thanks to the hygiene and safety measures implemented, which has earned us our Safe Tourism certificate.

All our staff have all the necessary equipment to avoid any type of contagion and spread of the virus and, in addition, we carry out PCR blood tests periodically on our employees throughout the season. We have also installed hydroalcoholic gel dispensers at the entrances to all restaurants.

We are waiting for you at La Ballena Alegre to enjoy some memorable days and also a good feast in our restaurants!

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A holiday with your pet?

22 Jul

If you are planning a holiday on the Costa Brava and you cannot – or do not want to! – leave your pet at home, at the La Ballena Alegre campsite we will be delighted to welcome you both

The plots located in the northern area of ​​toilet 1 are ideal and designated for families who want to bring with their pet. In fact, we have classified them as “Plus Dog Plots” and they are perfectly accommodated with services for your pets. At our campsite we think of everything!

We belong to the Pet Friendly community, fortunately society is increasingly aware that our dogs are one of the family members and, as such, they should be able to accompany us almost everywhere. Luckily today we can say that much of Catalonia is already Pet Friendly!

Our dogs are our faithful friends, one more of the household, and that is why we allow them access to most of our facilities -except in areas restricted by health regulations (swimming pools, restaurants or food shops, for example)

In the event that you not only have one canine, but more, you can bring up to three pets to your plot (never to the bungalow). And, in the same way that we must carry our ID with us wherever we go, your dog must also be well identified with its documentation, vaccination card, passport and liability insurance. Quite easy right! Ah! And if you have a dog considered a potentially dangerous breed -pit bull terrier, akita inu or dogo argentino among others- a Civil Liability Insurance is mandatory, as established by Royal Decree 287/2002, of March 22; Law 50/1999, of December 23; Law 10/1999, of July 30.


How do I make sure that my dog ​​complies with the camping regulations?

Very easy! You just have to read our advice here below

  • Your dog can be walk free on your plot, but, when you go outside it… it must be on the leash! Better make sure he stays by your side and nothing bad happens to him
  • As we explained before, your dog can access almost all the facilities except for the areas restricted by sanitary regulations and the bungalows.
  • Your dog will be registered when checking in and its stay is subject to the payment of the corresponding fee
  • If your canine is of a potentially dangerous breed, a muzzle and a non-extendable leash are mandatory.
  • In case your pet misbehaves, and it negatively interferes in the holidays of the rest of the guests … sorry! But it will not be admitted in La Ballena Alegre
  • Our campsite provides poo-bags in each garbage bin located exclusively in the dog area so that you can use them to collect their droppings. Use them!
  • If your dog causes any damage in our facilities or to other campers … you will be responsible
  • The Sant Pere Pescador City Council does not allow dogs on the beach or in the river, but the L’Escala City Council has set up a dog area on the Rec del Molí Beach, just 4km from our campsite.

Adaptations to the PetFriendly service

Your dog is as important as you to us, and for this reason we have created a series of services to make you feel at home at our campsite. For this reason -and whenever it is tied on a leash- your dog will be able to enjoy a pleasant walk through the common areas and we will happily welcome you on the main terrace, at the Xiringuito on the beach and at the Oasis Bar.

If you have been having fun, you have had a good mess during the day and you need a good cleaning … there are also special dog showers in toilet 1!

If you have not remembered the bags to collect the excrement, do not worry, we have thought about it for you and you have dispensers at your disposal, also in zone 1.

In case the rules are not respected, the Camping Management may expel the family in charge of the dog. But we hope this does not happen and you can enjoy a good vacation with the whole family!

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Certificate of Safe Tourism

01 Jul



La Ballena Alegre campsite is one of the first companies in the tourism sector to receive the certificate of conformity for a Safe Tourism.

We are very pleased with this recognition, which supports the effort and measures we have taken to ensure that our clients spend their holidays in an environment of security and tranquility in our facilities.

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We Care – We open 19th June

08 Jun
we care

On June 19th we finally will open our doors for you to enjoy a well-deserved vacation.

Today, more than ever, we know that one of the things that worries you  is the safety when traveling after all that situation.

For this reason and  to help you to feel like  home, we have worked to ensure that your entire stay in La Ballena Alegre is completely safe with cleaning protocols to protect and care for you and, of course, following the rigorous plan of the health authorities.

Do you want to know all the measurements? More information HERE.

We want to take care of you during your holidays.

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