A holiday with your pet?

If you are planning a holiday on the Costa Brava and you cannot – or do not want to! – leave your pet at home, at the La Ballena Alegre campsite we will be delighted to welcome you both

The plots located in the northern area of ​​toilet 1 are ideal and designated for families who want to bring with their pet. In fact, we have classified them as “Plus Dog Plots” and they are perfectly accommodated with services for your pets. At our campsite we think of everything!

We belong to the Pet Friendly community, fortunately society is increasingly aware that our dogs are one of the family members and, as such, they should be able to accompany us almost everywhere. Luckily today we can say that much of Catalonia is already Pet Friendly!

Our dogs are our faithful friends, one more of the household, and that is why we allow them access to most of our facilities -except in areas restricted by health regulations (swimming pools, restaurants or food shops, for example)

In the event that you not only have one canine, but more, you can bring up to three pets to your plot (never to the bungalow). And, in the same way that we must carry our ID with us wherever we go, your dog must also be well identified with its documentation, vaccination card, passport and liability insurance. Quite easy right! Ah! And if you have a dog considered a potentially dangerous breed -pit bull terrier, akita inu or dogo argentino among others- a Civil Liability Insurance is mandatory, as established by Royal Decree 287/2002, of March 22; Law 50/1999, of December 23; Law 10/1999, of July 30.


How do I make sure that my dog ​​complies with the camping regulations?

Very easy! You just have to read our advice here below

  • Your dog can be walk free on your plot, but, when you go outside it… it must be on the leash! Better make sure he stays by your side and nothing bad happens to him
  • As we explained before, your dog can access almost all the facilities except for the areas restricted by sanitary regulations and the bungalows.
  • Your dog will be registered when checking in and its stay is subject to the payment of the corresponding fee
  • If your canine is of a potentially dangerous breed, a muzzle and a non-extendable leash are mandatory.
  • In case your pet misbehaves, and it negatively interferes in the holidays of the rest of the guests … sorry! But it will not be admitted in La Ballena Alegre
  • Our campsite provides poo-bags in each garbage bin located exclusively in the dog area so that you can use them to collect their droppings. Use them!
  • If your dog causes any damage in our facilities or to other campers … you will be responsible
  • The Sant Pere Pescador City Council does not allow dogs on the beach or in the river, but the L’Escala City Council has set up a dog area on the Rec del Molí Beach, just 4km from our campsite.

Adaptations to the PetFriendly service

Your dog is as important as you to us, and for this reason we have created a series of services to make you feel at home at our campsite. For this reason -and whenever it is tied on a leash- your dog will be able to enjoy a pleasant walk through the common areas and we will happily welcome you on the main terrace, at the Xiringuito on the beach and at the Oasis Bar.

If you have been having fun, you have had a good mess during the day and you need a good cleaning … there are also special dog showers in toilet 1!

If you have not remembered the bags to collect the excrement, do not worry, we have thought about it for you and you have dispensers at your disposal, also in zone 1.

In case the rules are not respected, the Camping Management may expel the family in charge of the dog. But we hope this does not happen and you can enjoy a good vacation with the whole family!

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