We need your support and feedback

08 Nov
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We need your support and feedback!

Dear Customer,

We have closed a season full of emotions, smiles and moments shared with the family. A season that has brought us hope and the desire to have fun.

Now comes the time for reflection, to give value to everything we have done and see where we have failed to re-invent us and do it better next season, listening to our customers and improving our services.

That is why we ask  you to visit the camping.info website.

Throughout the year, camping.info campers value the campsites they have visited and, at the end of the year, reward the best campsites in Europe. Now for the eleventh time, we are pleased to present one of the most popular awards in the camping industry. In January next year, the 100 highest rated campsites on camping.info will be awarded the 2022 award. It is a “matter of the heart” for us, and a real honor!

We would like to be one of the 100 best campsites in Europe and win this award. But we can only do it with your help and feedback. Every vote, every rating helps us to move forward, improve and achieve our goals.

Can you help us? Visit the link and give us your vote. We thank you with all our Heart!


We need your support and feedback !!

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On-line Christmas Game Awards

14 Apr
PREMIOS prix prizen award


AWARDS. During this past Christmas, we did an online game with past and present clients who have once visited.

We remind all those customers who participated in the Christmas Calendar game these last Christmas, you can purchase the voucher with all the gifts won in the local of entertainment during the summer season 2016, from 15/05 to 20/09 .

Office hours for it will be from Tuesday to Sunday from 16:00 pm to 18:00 pm at Animation building (Mini Club).

To collect the voucher we will need a passport or ID to the person who played. It will be addressed only at the scheduled time.

Congratulations to all the lucky ones !!

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